KUIS Scholarship System

(1) Scholarship Funds
  (Students achieving a certain level of academic performance each semester are   issued scholarship funds equal to 5% or 10% of the tuition for that semester)

Our university has implemented a "GPA (Grade Point Average)" system for evaluating academic performances. This system enables a comprehensive evaluation of academic performances and clearly indicates the results of the efforts made by students. We conduct level-based academic instruction, provide support for students who are not performing well and issue awards to students with outstanding academic performances.

(2) Campus Mileage
(The first point-based student support system to be implemented at Japanese universities)

Accumulated points can be used for items such as overseas independent research trips, fees for licensing examinations and cafeteria tickets. In a wide range of genres such as academic performances, acquirement of licenses and extracurricular activities, mileage points are added in accordance with students' efforts.
*Additionally, students may be able to receive scholarship funding from external Organizations.

AI NO SONO Scholarship

This scholarship aims to provide financial support for students who have been accepted to our international programs and need financial assistance to participate in these programs. This scholarship is awarded to students who show strong eagerness and commitment to learn. (Student who receives other scholarship can not apply for this scholarship. Qualification period is less than one year.)
■First-class:80,000 JPY(Monthly) ■Second-class:40,000 JPY (Monthly)

Hamana Misao Memorable Scholarship

Students who are superior in character, health and academic grades are eligible.
■Full or half of tuition fee will be provided.

Scholarship from Parents' Association

As a part of the parents' association activity, they support student with highly motivated to study but difficult to continue studying because of financial reason.
■20,000 JPY (Monthly)

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