About Career Support Center

Career Support Center supports students to success their career choices. There are many international students in both Miki and Amagasaki campus; however, career support is basically the same as Japanese students.

Support for International Students

  • Individual interview
  • Job guidance
  • Advise for job application
  • Job interview practice
  • Introduce job arrange agency (only for international students)
  • Issue "Job search guidance for international students" (only for international students)

After Graduation

Graduate schools and other

Graduate school of Kansai University of International Studies, Graduate school of Kyoto University, Graduate school of Kobe University, Graduate school of University of Hyogo, Graduate school of Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, Graduate school of Osaka City University, Graduate school of Osaka University, Graduate school of University of Toyama, Graduate school of Hokkaido University, Graduate school of Hiroshima University, Graduate school of Waseda University, Graduate school of Kansai University, Graduate school of Showa Women's University, Graduate school of Kobe Gakuin University, Graduate school of Ritsumeikan University, Graduate school of Osaka University of Economics, Graduate school of Osaka University of Health and Sport sciences, Graduate school of Kokushikan University, Graduate school of Koshien University, Graduate school of Osaka Sangyo University, Graduate school of Kobe Shinwa Women's University, Graduate school of University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences, Graduate school of Kyoto Gakuen University, Kobe Toyo Japanese College


colore Co., Ltd., FMC Corporation, TOYO SC TRADING CO., LTD., YAMADA DENKI Co., LTD., ACCESS International Corp., fukudakougyo,Inc., Whitemax Co., Ltd., Nippon Science Core Co., MAX Co. Ltd., Yasojima Proceed Co., Ltd., Ooyama Co. Ltd., Shanghai Business School, SHINKO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD., SHINSEI ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD., OSAKA SOGO NAISO., SENSHU KOKI CO.,LTD., BRING UP CO.,LTD., SUGANO PACKING MATERIAL CO.,LTD., NOZAWA SANGYO Co., Ltd., Okada Hardware Mfg. Co., Ltd., MAGIS Japan Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Corporation Shanghai, Technofront Co., Ltd., KOSHIN LTD., Daikokuten Bussan Co., Ltd., DAIHATSU DIESEL NISHINIHON CO., LTD., HYOGO SANGYO CO.,LTD., KOBE LEATHER CLOTH CO., LTD., NICHII GAKKAN COMPANY., Kobayashi Tekkosho Co Ltd., kobayashi woven labels co. ltd.

Support System of Career Support Center

Qualified staff will support students for their employment not only job skills but also their request and competence. We provide variety of guidance and communicate with parents and advisor to approach student's aim in the early stages.

We set individual interviews for junior year students in June and December regarding their career path. Students are able to talk with resident career consultant at any time.

Career support center manage student's activity condition to comprehend their request and competence. This database is usable for individual support and finding real-time job offer.

There are so many files of company information in the job counseling room. Speedy access to company information is possible for students using computers donated by PTA.

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