School of Education

Department of Child Education and Social Welfare

The Department of Education and Social Welfare seeks to cultivate human beings who possess effective and practical ability in the field of education and welfare. The department instills students with specialized knowledge and skills related to elementary education, child welfare, and social welfare. Furthermore, it is ensured that students possess firm ethics, as well as a desire and positive attitude towards learning.

Major in Child Education

This course prepares students to become elementary school teachers and childcare workers who possess practical abilities and who have acquired the specialized knowledge required for elementary education and child welfare, as well as an understanding of children`s emotional needs.

Major in Social Welfare

Seeks to cultivate human beings who have acquired the ethics, specialized knowledge and practical ability required in the field of welfare.

Department of English Communication

Through classrooms lessons and actual practice, seeks to cultivate English ability which can be used in the fields of education, tourism and business. Furthermore, seeks to instill students with specialized knowledge related to their field of study and to cultivate human beings capable of applying a multifaceted perspective to various problems which are encountered in society.

Department of English Education

School of Human Sciences

Department of Psychology

Seeks to cultivate human beings who are capable of understanding aspects of human psyche and behavior through scientific perspectives and methodologies based on psychology.

Criminal Psychology Course

Clinical Psychology Course

Students study methods for objective analysis from case examples and theory.

Sports psychology Course

Sports Psychology Course

Students study human behavior and psyche in relation to sports.

Clinical Psychology Course

Clinical Psychology Course

For students who seek to become counselors and other professionals who offer emotional support.

Career Psychology Course

In this course, students will learn psychological knowledge and practical skills needed especially in business.  

Department of Business Administration

Prepares for performance in actual business by acquiring business ability. Through study based on specific industries, students discover issues which are particular to that industry. Students become able to propose methods for increasing revenue and solving problems. Regardless of what course is studied, students acquire management ability which can be practically applied in a broad range of industries.

Tourism Management Course

This course prepares students with practical knowledge and expertise in the field of tourism.  

Hotel and Bridal Course

Bridal Course

This course prepares individuals who will contribute to hotel, bridal and ceremony industry.  

Regional Management Course

In this course, students study regional management to improve the state of municipalities, regional industries and local communities. They acquire the ability to find the problems of regions and propose the way of activating them.

This course specializes in giving students the fundamental business knowledge and local internship management experiences they need to be active in the local community and local job spectrum.

Safety Management Course

Students will have opportunities to participate in the internship programs and collaborative research projects with disaster prevention agencies and corporations in addition to learning theories of risk management.

School of Health Sciences

Department of Nursing

The department of nursing is designed for students who wish to become professional nurses (registered nurses public health nurses, and midwives) prepared for nursing practice in a variety of healthcare settings. Supported by Kita-Harima-Medical Center, Miki-city and Ono-city, students are provided with an excellent learning environment in terms of clinical practice as well as the theory behind it.

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