Off-Campus Program

February 20-28, 2017
Program for ACP Consortium Universities

Comparative Research on
Safety Management:
Malaysia, Japan and ACP Countries

This Program is hosted by University Utara Malaysia (UUM), Malaysia, and jointly
run by UUM and Kansai University of International Studies (KUIS), Japan.



Safety and security are common issues amongst Asia as a whole as natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, typhoons and so on occur often to many countries in this region. “Comparative Research on Safety Management: Malaysia, Japan and ACP Countries” Program provides unique educational opportunity to students from 15 ACP Consortium Universities in seven Asian countries. This Program provides you information about Safety Management: how to manage human resources when crisis such as natural disasters strike, so that you will develop skills to implement
Safety Management when necessary. Through field work and cultural exchange with students with different culture and background this Program aims at encouraging participants to deepen mutual understanding and friendship. This is a worthwhile and valuable opportunity for you.




In this program, Japanese students from KUIS and ACP Consortium Universities learn together through fieldworks and lectures about disaster management. The Program includes three-day trip to disaster affected areas in Mareek Urai and inspect a three-story elementary school building which was covered with flood, etc. and interview the victims.


Enhance the following aspects required to survive natural disasters that widely affects many areas of globalized Asia through learning about Risk Management, Safety Management and Disaster Reduction based on case study analysis.

1. problem finding and solving skills
2. respect for diversity through building friendship and working together with
  participants with different race, religion, culture and background
3. effective communication skills in an ever-changing globalized community



1. interact and work with students from other countries
2. workshop-based program with emphasis on how to survive and thrive natural disasters
3. field research - visit flood affected areas and interview the victims
4. give a presentation of the findings at the 5th ACP Conference on Tuesday, February 28
5. upon completion of the Program two credits of KUIS curriculum, Global Studies, and
  certificate will be awarded to those who are interested



Message from the President

Message from the ACP Chair ACP is an international university consortium with 14 universities from six South-East Asian Countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Myanmar, and KUIS from Japan. Its aim is to establish “Safe and Secure Community” in Asia and contribution to community through education and research. In this Program you will visit disaster stricken areas and learn how and why particular disaster has occurred. Then, with the help of the experts, explore the options on how damages could have been kept minimum. You will learn about Safety Management and develop your skills through working together with other participants with different background. We wish you all the best in developing your skills required in order to build “Safe and Secure” community in this globalized society.


Dr. Atsushi Hamana President,
KUIS Chairman, ACP

Greetings from the Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Utara Malaysia

It gives me great pleasure, as the representative of the host university, to extend this invitation to all the member institutions of the Asian Cooperative Programme (ACP) to participate in the 5th ACP Disaster Management Off-Campus Programme. This event will take place from 20 till 28 February, 2017, at the Universit i Utara Malaysia campus in Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia. The ACP Conference Meeting, which will also be held on 28 February, will host the representatives from all the member universities. The programme will serve as a platform for the participants to come together, bond, and work with each other to understand our cultural differences, as well as educate the community members about disasters and enlighten them with ideas on how to deal with disasters and prevent them from happening. UUM undertakes to provide our signature hospitality in organizing the 5th ACP Disaster Management Off-Campus Programme and Conference. See You at UUM! Jumpa Nanti di UUM!


Prof. Dato' Seri Dr. Mohamed Mustafa B Ishak
Vice Chancellor


No. Dates Days AM PM







Program overview

Ice breaking/ Orientation




Lecture 1 (by UUM Faculty)

Group discussion/ Reflection




Leave to Mareek Urai for Field trip/ research

Field Trip/ Research (at Mareek Urai) Refrection




Field Trip/ Research (at Mareek Urai)

Field Trip/ Research (at Mareek Urai)  (Stay at Mareek Urai)




Field Trip/ Research (at Mareek Urai)

Return to UUM

7 2/25



8 2/26


Lecture 2 (by UUM faculty 2)

Group discussion reflection ( for Lecture and Field trip)

9 2/27


Preparation for presentation for ACP conference

Finalizing presentation for ACP conference

10 2/28


The 5th ACP Conference Student Presentation

Farewell Party

11 3/1





Monday, February 20, 2017 to Tuesday, February 28, 2017 (meeting at Alor Setar Airport in Malaysia,on February 19, 2017)


University Utara Malaysia (06010 UUM Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia)

Course Syllabus:
 Click Here (PDF/105KB)

Number of Participants:10 students from UUM, 10 ACP students + 15 KUIS students


1. Fluency in English (all the lectures are delivered in English)

2. Full-time undergraduate student at ACP Consortium Member Universities

3. Undertaking undergraduate study in any discipline

Participation Fees:1,300 MYR

Fees includes:registration, accommodation, transport within Malaysia and for a field trip, some meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 6times each during the period of the program)

transport between your home and Alor Setar Airport in Malaysia, meals (except those mentioned above), travel insurance (please arrange your own)


Access the address below and fill in the registration form.


*In case of too many applicants the participants will be chosen by UUM and KUIS. Overall balance such as gender, diversity etc. will be taken into account.

Due date for application:10 December 2016

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